“We rise by lifting others”

Robert Ingersoll


Have you noticed that your growth is even more significant than theirs whenever you give to someone else?

We invite you to join our hundreds of volunteers who ensure our kids have a happy and healthy childhood.

We offer various volunteering opportunities and welcome you to dive into our world of giving and choose the type of volunteering work that best suits you.

* Volunteering is according to the organization’s needs

    Volunteer activity

    Pre-Army Service Year

    “For the whole world you are someone, but for someone, you are the whole world.” – Tzipi Shavit

    Are you a high school graduate looking for a place for an exceptional pre-army service year and an opportunity to make a meaningful impact and be an integral part of the commune and village life?

    The kids and staff at our Megadim (Migdal Haemek) and Nardim (Arad) children’s villages are waiting for you for the best year you can dream of.

    Want to hear more and get started? Start the application process here: 

    Extracurricular Activities

    Do you have a particular hobby? An exciting profession or field of knowledge? Did you write a book? Open a workshop? Host birthday parties?

    Do you have some free time? A desire to give and receive?

    Feel free to stop the race of life and share your gifts with our children and youngsters.

    We’re excited to hear from you!

    Adopt a Transitional Apartment

    In each of the 16 Bridge to Independence apartments throughout the country, there are six young men and women who receive a rooftop and professional assistance and guidance in all aspects of transitioning to adult life. However, sometimes they miss the warm and loving touch of home. You can prepare a Shabbat dinner, minor repairs, family movie nights, and more.

    Individuals and groups who want to take this task on are welcome to contact us.

    We are here to brainstorm and plan together, mainly to show that the bridge is much less narrow when your heart is wide open.

    Handy workers and Professionals

    Construction workers, renovators, and handy individuals, teachers with a big heart – the door to our family is always open.

    Whether you want to take part in renovating or upgrading buildings and spaces, teach, or offer an innovative and exciting idea – we are here to make the opportunity as meaningful as possible.

    Donate Equipment

    Our villages and transition apartments serve as warm and loving homes. And just like any other home, they require furniture, appliances, towels, school supplies, and more.

    If you are interested in donating new equipment, we would be delighted to hear from you.

    Come in Groups

    Looking for a volunteering opportunity for your company? IDF unit? Look no further!

    Groups of volunteers help with our many activities throughout the year. Groups help us with projects like painting the nurseries, gardening, packing, and more. It’s a terrific opportunity for a formative group experience. 

    Every big thing in the world only comes true, when somebody does more than he has to do

    Herman Geminer

    Founder of Children's Villages SOS