We at the SOS Children’s Villages organization are committed to full transparency.

Transparency is the light that shines our way. We believe it is necessary for dialogue and joint action based on trust, honesty, and integrity.

We also know that for you, our partner, transparency is no less critical.

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Children who have been removed from their homes need a variety of tools and extensive support. Thanks to donations, we provide more significant resources to the villages, daycares, and Bridge to Independence program. We can invest in our children so that they can grow up like any other child. With the help of the donations, we can give more to each child according to their needs – therapy, tutoring, classes, trips, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, and more.

First of all, thank you!

There are several ways to donate:

*Via our website with a credit card


*Contact us by phone *9588

*Wire transfer to: 

*Via check

If you wish to stop your contributions, you can call us (*9588), send us an email to info@soschildren.org.il, or message us on Facebook.

Of course, our field representatives work across the Gush Dan area. They wear the organization’s shirts and carry name tags with our NPO number. You can donate through our reps using a credit card or wire transfer, and you can always call us at *9588. We’d be happy to answer any questions.

The Bridge to Independence program is for young boarding school and family-like care graduates. To join, fill out the referral form on the program website at https://www.gesher-le.org/

Program application requires a professional referral, preferably a social worker who was or is currently involved, such as a boarding school social worker, Yated social worker, or the family’s appointed social worker from social services. If a social worker is not involved, you can get help from other professionals familiar with the case, such as a boarding school or service year director.

Salaries are considered overhead and not part of the programs, and our general and administrative expenses account for less than 10% of our budget. Our reports are available and transparent, and we have The Midot Seal of Effectiveness.