Thousands of Israeli children grow up without the most basic and natural things in life: love, protection, respect, a family embrace, and a sense of belonging. Many of them are at real risk, with no family support or a guiding hand, which will lead them to a stable and safe place. For those children, home is not safe. Some were removed from it due to abuse, violence, or their parent’s inability to raise them.

For more than 40 years, the Israeli SOS Children’s Villages organization has been rescuing and helping them. Through our children’s villages, day clubs, and transition apartments, we open the door to a warm home, a loving family, and an enveloping and inclusive environment for our children and adults. We do everything so that no child grows up alone.

We are part of the international SOS Children’s Villages organization established in Europe after World War II to provide a warm and loving home for hundreds of thousands of orphans. Since then, the organization has been operating on a non-profit basis and helping millions of children worldwide grow up with dignity and confidence. The organization respects all religions and nationalities and works to preserve the cultural and religious traditions of the children.

Everything we do is made possible by the support of welfare services and institutional and private donors, who become our partners and pave the way to a good and independent life for our children and young adults.

Every donation matters and helps us give children unconditional love – a natural and pleasant place to grow up in, emotional support, academic help, enrichment classes, and more. Thanks to a loving community and a healthy daily routine full of empowering experiences, our children and young adults are given the tools to redirect the present and future before them on the path to a good and independent life.

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Our Mission

To provide every child with a safe, happy, and loving childhood


We trust each other

Each of us believes in ourselves and the abilities and potential of others. We support each other, respect each other, and build an environment of trust that allows us to learn from everyone around us and act transparently with our donors and partners to ensure the children’s well-being and provide them with a high standard of care.


We keep our promises

We are committed – to the children and our partners. Our commitment to helping generations of children live better lives leads to fostering deep, long-term relationships with our donors, partners, and the communities in which we operate. We believe that a long-term commitment has a significant impact.


We take iniciative

We’ve always believed in putting in the effort to respond to changing conditions in Israeli society. We must take on new challenges for the well-being of children in this changing reality. We are active and working hard to improve and progress all the time.


We offer a warm, loving home

Family is at the core of our activity. We make up for any toxic effect the children suffer from by building a family cell and giving them everything a family is supposed to provide – support, security, warmth, and love. We instil in children the natural sense of belonging to a family, and we’ll always be there for them at every stage of their lives.

Our Team

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up

Nelly Geva

General Manager

There are no shortcuts in any place worth going

David Razi

Chief Financial Office

To leave a better world for future generations than the one we found

Shai Karabayov

Program Development Director

Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve

Mayan Sterling

Human Resources Manager

The most beautiful thing in the world is a child's smile. The next best thing? Knowing you are the reason behind it

Hila Tishler

Resource Development Manager

Every child needs one adult who believes in him

Ofer Turgeman

Neradim Village Director

A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence

Sharon Mala

Megadim Village Director

As long as the candle is burning, it is still possible to mend

Mor Rabi Mizrahi

Gesher Independence Program Director

You have to believe and dream that the sky is the limit

Marinette Vaknin

Daycare Centers Director

Board of Directors

Our board consists of the founding core of the organization, businessmen and women who have been involved in our activity.

They volunteer their time and formulate our policy and strategy.

Natan Meyer


Natan Meyer

Former Director of the Government Advertising Bureau (LPM). Prior to that, Mr. Meir served as the Economic Attache and Head of the Economic Delegation to the Israeli Embassy in London. Holds a BA in
Economics and Political Science and an MBA in Business Management.

Yehudit Hazani

Yehudit Hazani

An organizational consultant and coach in the fields of management, career, and employment. Former Head of the Human resource planning (Commander) and Chief of Staff (Commander) of the Israel Police. Yehudit has a bachelor’s degree in humanities and a master’s degree in education.

Alex Leventhal

Alex Leventhal

Former Head of the Public Health Services Administration, Jerusalem District Physician, and Medical Lt. Col. in the Paratroopers Brigade. Former Ministry of Health Director of Foreign Relations, Alex also represented Israel in UN institutions.

Chaim Pozner

Chaim Pozner

Entrepreneur and field man. In his past, Haim promoted employment and education for underprivileged populations at the Israeli Association of Community Centers. Former deputy director-general at the Public Benefit Corporation and Joint Israel. 

He holds a BA in economics and social sciences and an MA in business.

Sarit Giladi-Dor

Sarit Giladi-Dor

Sarit is an experienced spokesperson with extensive knowledge in marketing and branding in the public and business sectors. She served in senior positions in leading organizations and is currently a communications consultant for public and private organizations and accompanies them in complex branding processes. She holds an MA in political science and communications.

Emanuel Lieberman

Emanuel Lieberman

Emanuel started his career as an officer in the Armed Forces, served as the Planning and Logistics Manager of several large companies, and is currently a pension advisor at Discount Bank. He holds a BA in industrial engineering and management and an MA with a specialization in finance.

Gabi Nahum

Gabi Nahum

Gabi is the owner and CEO of Gethro, a company that deals with rural development issues in the Third World. He is the former CEO of Era Optima, a construction agriculture company in Africa, and has a decade of experience in the Foreign Ministry. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies.

Ben-Zion Brantz

Ben-Zion Brantz

Former Head of the Boarding Schools Department at the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, Brantz has held several senior positions at the ministry over the years. He participated in bringing Jewish children from Chernobyl and integrating them into Israeli society. He holds a BA in social work, education, and political science and an MA in public administration.

Adv. Hannah Keller

Adv. Hannah Keller

Hannah served as Police and Prison Service Personnel Ombudsman and in several senior positions in the Israel Police. Former Assistant Attorney General, President of the Court of Appeals, Legal Adviser to the Ministry of Public Security, and Chairman of the UN Delegation on the Law Enforcement Civil Crime Prevention Committee.

Ela Janczur

Ela Janczur

Representative on behalf of the International SOS Children’s Villages organization.