About the program

Our Emergency Center provides an immediate solution for children, ages 3 to 13, who need urgent care due to abuse, neglect, or domestic violence issues. Those children arrive at the Emergency Center accompanied by a social worker straight from court with no belongings, scared and frightened, with low self-esteem, and without a shred of trust in humans. We offer them a safe, supportive and loving environment, trying to gain their trust and make them feel loved, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

The Emergency Center is a temporary (3-6 months) solution. During their stay, our professional team makes a careful diagnosis, maps every child’s condition, trying to come up with a permanent solution that will suit their special and specific needs and will give them a chance for a better childhood.

3 - 14



Emergency Center

The importance of the center

Emergency centers for children at risk are crucial in providing immediate care and support for vulnerable children who are experiencing abuse, neglect, or other forms of trauma. They offer a safe and nurturing environment, medical care, emotional support, and coordination of services, helping to minimize the immediate and long-term effects of trauma and aid in the healing process. These centers play an important role in the broader child welfare system, serving as a hub for coordinating resources and ensuring that children receive the care and support they need to thrive.