Our two children’s villages, Neradim in Arad and Megadim in Migdal HaEmek, are long-term homes for children aged 6-18 who have been removed from their homes by social services.

140 boys and girls found a warm and loving home and an opportunity for a new path in our villages. Children who come from a background of violence, neglect, orphanhood and poverty are raised and educated in our SOS families of up to 10 kids and know that the entire village staff – housemothers, counselors, caregivers, administration, and management are always there for them, at any moment, 24 hours a day. Our kids know there’s more than one adult who believes in them.

We place great emphasis on community. Our villages are located in the heart of the cities where the kids attend school and local classes. They visit and invite friends over – to the villages, which are made up of families that create a community and a loving, healthy living environment. Through family and community, each child rebuilds emotional and social connections, shaping their present lives.

We see great importance in empowering children and providing them with a wide range of learning experiences and extracurricular activities. But most importantly, we provide them with tools for meaningful integration into society and an opportunity for a better future.

Did you know?

* We provide our children with mental health treatments, help with school, clothing, trips, birthday and bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, classes, summer camps, and other activities that contribute to their development.

* The villages are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

* A key element in our therapeutic and educational work is maintaining contact and communication with each child’s parents and the nuclear family. It is one of our most powerful tools for creating a better present and future for them.

* The relationship between the housemothers and kids continues into their adult lives. They accompany them in military service, when they marry, have kids of their own, and through life’s less happy moments – she is always there for them.


Children's Villages

6 - 18


Neradim Children's Village

As the morning starts, the sun shines on the Negev mountains and floods the village, and our boys and girls wake up to a new day knowing they are not alone.

Our village has a community garden, a petting zoo, a social coffee shop, green areas, and a variety of lovely corners where you can stop for a moment, take a deep breath and carry on with a smile.

The village operates an Emergency Shelter, a safe haven for 12 boys and girls who have been removed from their homes due to life-threatening situations. After an initial response that includes diagnosis and mapping their needs, the children are integrated into a steady environment.

We believe that the most beautiful thing in the world is a child’s smile, and the second most beautiful thing is to know that this smile is thanks to you.

Megadim Children's Village

As you enter our village, you’ll find a massive mural with the caption, “Good to have you here. We’ve been waiting for you.” This is the first sign letting you know you’ve come to be with family.

The village, located at the foot of the spectacular Yizreʿel Valley, is surrounded by a forest that changes and renews every day. So too in our village life, every day brings with it an opportunity for growth and renewal, a chance to stop for a moment, watch a spectacular sunset, find flowers between the rocks, and always remember that at the end of winter, a new spring will come, bursting with surprises.

In Megadim, you’ll find a clothing store, a gym, a learning center, a treatment center, and countless possibilities for play, relaxation, development, and creativity.

“How is it that one star alone dares? How does it dare, for God’s sake? One star alone, I would not dare, and I am not really alone” (Matti Caspi)

These words are perhaps the essence of our story – in the village, you are never alone.