Supplementary Tutoring Program

Supplementary Tutoring Program at Neradim Village in Arad
Supplementary Tutoring Program



  1. Reinforcing the positive strengths of the village children.
  2. Setting up a rich informal and challenging cultural network of courses and enrichment activities integrating between the village and the Arad community.
  3. Guiding and accompanying the student in various fields whilst understanding his point of view.
  4. Providing the children with the best possible opportunities

Integrating  Village children into schools in Arad and the surrounding area

1.    4 primary schools

2.    Junior High

3.    1 High School

4.    1 Vocational  high School

5.    Identifying the child's needs and difficulties and improving his educational experience by providing him with a volunteer who can be with him during the school day.

6.    Working with the various school administrators and  the children's teachers

Supplementary Tutoring Program:

The supplementary tutoring program begins when school ends at 14:30 and finishes at 17:30. The children are  given explanations of material covered in class and help with homework.  In this way educational gaps are bridged and the children are prepared for exams. The system consists of   :

1.    6- General teachers  (Bible , history, Hebrew grammar etc.

2.    1- Math teacher

3.    2- English teachers

4.    1- remedial teacher

5.    15- volunteers (8 volunteers are with the children at school and 15 are with them after school hours)

6.    An individual study plan is prepared for each child and the pupil’s achievements are checked and monitored. Each house receives on average  9 weekly hours of tuition which are divided among all children in the house.

Tutors are requested to fill in monthly progress sheets which check the attendance and progress of the children.


Building a system of social and educational extra curricular activities for the children .
The wide variety of courses offered is the focal point of the day's social and cultural activities

Social, cultural and educational activities:

There is a wide range of activities including:
Social and cultural activities, sports, music, art, trips and cultural evenings. The music classes (which include keyboard guitar, electric guitar, drums , recorder and a vocal group) are open to all the children of the village providing them with a variety of ways for personal development.
At present 38 children participate in the musical education program

·         Art program –  Drawing and sculpture provide a platform for the children's creative expression, developing imagination and allowing the children to be more in touch with their inner selves. At present 26 children participate in the art program.

·         Sound  technology –  Children study both the theoretical and practical aspects of sound technology , developing students’ creative abilities and enabling them to create and compose original music. 8 children are currently active in the sound program .

·         Dance / Jazz  - Develops movement and motor skills  22 children participate in the dance classes

·         Football – Challenges which the children face in life are by no means simple and require them to be able to function as part of a team. This program is based on encouraging the children to further their educational improvement while integrating sporting activities into the daily routine. 18 children train regularly twice a week in the village football program.

·         Petting zoo – Enables the children to connect with their  inner selves. There are two types of activities:  1) group activities  run by volunteers  and 2)  individual therapy carried out by a trained professional

·         Scouting and outdoor programs -  IThese activities ntroduce the children to nature, the outdoors and wildlife. They go on field trips, learn map reading, topography and how to survive in the wild. 12 children participate in this program


An additional 35 children go to classes and activities offered by the Arad municipality. These iinclude soccer, volleyball, shooting and wrestling. Another 20 children attend dance classes,
study voice,  and take art classes at the local community center.

Other activities include

1.    Overall responsibility for the supplementary tutoring program and implementing detailed programs for specific purposes.

2.    Implementing sporting and cultural programs in accordance with the yearly schedule (sports days etc.)

3.    Being in contact with the cultural centers in Arad (e.g. the community center the country club and the sporting association) in order to get the children integrated into the community.

4.    Village cultural evenings run by the volunteers.

5.    Sabbath evening ceremonies.

6.    Organizing activities to do with the religious festivals national holidays and social events.

7.    Birthday celebrations.

8.    Bar and Bat-Mitzvah celebrations (preparing a program consisting of 10 meetings in preparation for the Bar/Bat –Mitzvah year).

9.    Celebrating the Jewish Holidays, organizing the village celebrations for the holidays, the entire village gets together to celebrate each evening has its own special program with its specific message.

10. Preparing individual programs for each and every child

11.  Co-coordinating and preparing the summer activities for the village children according the regulations as set down by the association and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Welfare.

  1. Preparing the staff accompanying the trip ( checking out the rout etc )
  2. Obtaining the necessary security permits from the authorities.
  3. Preparing the children for the trip (learning how to read a map, topography etc).
  4. Arranging the logistics and supplies.
  5. Establishing clearly defined role definitions for each trip.

Additional Projects
  1. The Greenhouses.
  2. The Petting Zoo.
  3. Running The Youth Civil Guard Unit in Arad and in the village.
  4. Various other voluntary projects in the community and in Arad