Megadim - Migdal Ha Emek

Our SOS Children Village at the north of Israel

Megadim Children's Village  

SOS Children's Village Migdal Haemek opened its gates in April 1997. There are 68 children in the Village and 15 children in the after-school facility, i.e. a total of 83 children.

Educational  Programs:
1. Continuous assistance with studies to all the in the after-school care center by teachers who tutor the children around noontime.
2. Remedial teaching for the younger children and help with English and Mathematics by professional teachers.
3. Contact and follow-ups with the schools regarding the children and their progress with their studies.

Events and Activities:
Every holiday is celebrated in the Village with an event for all the Village children. The events are varied and diverse; some of them are festive and ceremonial and others are more playful and fun. The following are some examples of the events of the past year:
In the New Year (Rosh Hashanah) we celebrated a Seder with food and an artistic program, in Hanukkah we had a "happening" during the whole week in which various activities and races were held in the holiday spirit.
During the holidays there is a house on duty for the children who are unable to go on leave to their biological families.  We ensure that there are organized social activities for the children who stay (Led by the commune).

Therapeutic Care:
The special care service in the Village is provided by the social services.
We aim to boost our children's confidence and self esteem by the emotional therapy we provide, to enable them to tap into their inner strength and to encourage self expression.
The therapy team includes:
1. An animal-therapy care giver
2. A psycho-drama therapist
3. A music therapist
4. Dance (movement) therapy
5. 2 art therapists
6. An Elbaum therapist
7. Makeup therapy 
8. Two students: One drama therapist and one art therapist.
9.  Individual treatment by social workers.
10. Therapy by the Village psychologist
11.  Family counselor
12.  Horseback riding therapy

In addition to the individual treatments group treatments are available as well:
1. Elbaum group therapy for first to third graders.
2. Group drama therapy for fifth to sixth graders.
3. Girls' "empowering by makeup" group.
4. "My body and I" group for first to third graders.
The house mothers, the aunts as well as the social workers team undergo DBT workshops in order to become familiar with the therapy terminology thus upgrading the intervention skills of the child care team.

Community Relations:
Contact with the Migdal Ha'emek Community-
We maintain a good relationship with the community. Whenever suitable municipal events take place we participate in them. For instance, there is a Good-Deeds Day in town. Furthermore on different occasions we hold volunteer days in which the children from the Village go out and volunteer in an organized activity, such as: gathering food for the needy during the holidays and visiting the Senior Citizens Center.

Family empowerment project in the community:
The aim of the project is to support families in crisis. The rationale behind this project in the short term is to support families in crisis who find it difficult to function in different areas such as: providing their children's basic needs including health and education services, helping them with their difficulties in coping with the children. The long-term goal is to lead the families towards independent and responsible family management without being dependent on the various welfare services; all this while conducting community work in cooperation with the local community members, in the vicinity of the Village